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1. Installing Swate

2. Annotation tables

3. Building blocks

4. Filling cells with ontology terms

5. Advanced Term Search

6. Templates





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last updated at 2022-09-19 Welcome to the Swate wiki!

Here you can find documentation about Swate features and best practises. If you want to get a picture of Swate first, you can click here for an TL;DR. If you want to take a deeper look you can follow the links below.

To install Swate, follow these instructions.
If you want a more in depth look into the Swate features you can browse through the feature documentation pages in the sidebar.
If you prefer watching videos, check out the YouTube Playlist!

We will try to add common workflows and developer information soon!

DataPLANT Support

Besides these technical solutions, DataPLANT supports you with community-engaged data stewardship. For further assistance, feel free to reach out via our helpdesk or by contacting us directly .
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